Projects / Work


I currently work on ODK, the open-source data collection platform used by social impact organizations around the world.


From 2015-2019, I worked at GrokStyle on cutting edge visual search technology. Our tech was incorporated into the IKEA Place AR app in 2018 and Facbeook acquired the company in 2019.

Feminist Hacker Barbie

The #FeministHackerBarbie meme. I built a website for crowdsourcing new feminist/hacker text to go with the illustrations of Mattel's not-so-great I can be a computer engineer book. Featured on NPR and Wired and beyond.

Sketch-a-bit Android App

Sketch-a-bit is a collaborative, evolutionary drawing app that you can (no longer) find on the Android Market and has also spawned a research paper (Emergent Remix Culture in an Anonymous Collaborative Art System)

Impressionist Fingerpaint Android App

Impressionist Fingerpaint Android app for interactively painting various impressionist brush styles on existing photographs

Iteration iPhone App

Iteration, a generative art iPhone app

PhotoCity 3D Reconstruction Game

PhotoCity is a sweet game played outside with cameras with the goal of reconstructing the world in 3D! An archive of the game data exists here.

PointCraft FPS 3D Modeling Tool

PointCraft is a Minecraft-inspired FPS 3D modeler for tracing pointclouds in 3D to make cleaned up, textured geometry.

The Meme Quiz

The Meme Quiz is an online game for imitating memes, swapping faces, and helping build a new dataset of lots of facial expressions in real world conditions. FDG Paper, video of the game in action.

Picard Game

Picard is a flashcard learning game, where people drew custom mnemonics to learn countries and their capitals. Some favorites: The capital of Zambia is Lusaka (picture of zombie with loose sock). Read more about it in the FDG paper!


kathleen.tuite (at)
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

I pronounce my last name "toot". It's kind of spelled/pronounced in the same funky way as the world "juice".