Kathleen Tuite

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Rogue hacker; builder of systems involving collaborative creativity, crowdsourcing, and/or computer vision; quasi academic

Cool things I have made/done:
Github code and stuff for random things, including old mobile app source code, HTML5 ply viewers/aligners, and Twisted cross-origin examples
The Face Frontier is an online game for imitating memes, swapping faces, and helping build a new dataset of lots of facial expressions in real world conditions
PointCraft is a Minecraft-inspired FPS 3D modeler for tracing pointclouds in 3D to make cleaned up, textured geometry
PhotoCity is a sweet game played outside with cameras with the goal of reconstructing the world in 3D! It's not live right now, though... the closest similar thing is Photosynth.
Sketch-a-bit is a collaborative, evolutionary drawing app that you can find on the Android Market and has also spawned a research paper (Emergent Remix Culture in an Anonymous Collaborative Art System)
Impressionist Fingerpaint Android app for interactively painting various impressionist brush styles on existing photographs
A Corgi's Dream made at a 1-day game jam with randomly selected themes of "sleep", "trajectories", and "doggies"
Nighthike game made at TIGJam
Birthday Cat (Interactive Fiction) what happened when I taught myself to make interactive fiction in Inform 7
Animal-themed Draw-a-day in which I'd draw an animal "from memory" and then look up and re-draw it from an actual photo
December 2010 Draw-a-day
Iteration, a generative art iPhone app
Hiking and backpacking
Screenprinted dinosaurs
Screenprinted pirate penguins
Robot halloween costume
Facebook's first poking app ever (v1.0, v2.0) when apps were not obnoxious.
The links are dead, but here are some pictures! [poke graph] [internal view of recent pokes]